Services That We Offer

Sol Construction, Inc is proud of its 12 years of service to the community, delivering quality labor on a wide spectrum of engineering projects that have improved the quality of living for those who the projects have served.  Listed below are just a few of types of projects that we specialize in at Sol Construction:

Renewable Energy


Bringing your renewable energy project to fruition is our goal. From conceptual layout to complete design build services, Sol will not only meet your expectations, but deliver above and beyond.


Retaining Walls

No two retaining walls are built the same, all done to specific needs to ensure the proper support necessary to restrain soil.  We here at Sol Construction have the knowledge to provide the right foundation. 

Block Walls

The right block wall can provide the proper soil support needed while also beautifying any landscape with the right texture to fit any landscape.  We will make sure that both needs are met with dedicated care.


Bridge Structures

From vehicle access to pedestrian walkways, bridge structures are built to provide the proper gateway access needed while ensuring that it is safe and able to stand firm to meet any long-term needs. 

Channel Lining

Precision work is required to build channel linings that will handle the water flow that runs through it and guide it to its desired destination.  We here at Sol Construction are able to do exactly that. 

Concrete Work

Whether is a small scale private project or a large scale public project, we here at Sol Construction can serve our clients' needs.  From parking structures to buildings and sidewalks, we can do it all. 

Street Work

When your car's tires hit the road, you want to make sure that roads are smooth to protect your residents' private property and save money in the long term with quality results done right the first time. 


Storm Drains

When the rains come down, we need to make sure that we're able to handle the water that arrives to ensure that we prevent any unnecessary flooding or water erosion. 

Sidewalks, Driveways, Curb & Gutter

Critical to the quality of living for everybody, we here at Sol Construction value the need for well-built sidewalks, driveways, curbs and gutter.  Sol Construction will protect your neighborhood's identity through our work. 

Team Sol Construction


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Jordan Soto
Project Manager


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Office Manager